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Who doesn't love a good book? Whoever has never had the experience of falling in love with one, spending hours reading, away in a world of fantasy or adventure or romance, has simply not found the right book yet. Reading is an amazing experience, you can have fun, you can feel, and of course you can learn a lot of new things. Every person in the world shouls have the chance to find the right book and let it take him or her to a realm of enchantment and enjoyment.

And if reading is great enough on itself, why not make it even better by using it to learn and practice the English language? If you choose an English version of a book you like, you will have a great time with a novel or short tale and, at the same time, you will be becoming more and more proficient in English!


We have books for all English levels

Are you worried about this being too difficult? Do you think that, maybe, you don't know enough to understand an actual book? Never mind! We are aware that every student has a different level of language proficiency, and we have adapted our catalog of books to have novels for everybody. From the simplest to the most complex texts, you can choose either the original novel or a simplified re-writing of traditional and classical stories. 

And there is even more! We don't sell any English book - we sell books for students! All our novels have text guides, questionnaires and aids to check your reading comprehension and help you grasp the meaning of the text. Many of our books have excersises that you can solve by yourself or with your teacher to maximize your learning experience.


Literature and workbooks available!

Our library is full of all sorts of books that you can use to develop your language skills. It doesn't matter what your first language is or at what level of proficiency you are, we have exactly what you need to keep getting better and better in all aspects of the use of English. 

We have selected all books of our catalogue based in the preferences of the most reknowed schools of English. Students from different academies come to us to get their textbooks and workbooks. You can get our special studend discount with your credential!

Only the best books have a place on our shelves. You will find all classical novels, plays and short stories of literature, and also English textbooks constructed under the most modern guidelines for language learning. Here, you will find all material for your language classes, but we also have some self-learning sets for starters and advanced English speakers. 

Contact us now and we will send you via international mail or e-mail our catalogue of books! Request a call or fill out our contact form. You can also request for particular workbooks or novels and we will check our stock and give you a same day answer!

Choose your favorite genre and start practicing your skills today!

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Linda Tinsdale

"I have always liked reading books, since I was a little child. And now I've found in them a great way to improve my English skills! Word English Books had a great idea. This is perfect for all book lovers."
Flynn Culhann

"Word English Books' catalog is huge. I've never seen anything like that. You could search it for hours. I've bought English versions of all my favorite books. Learning a new language is so different this way."
Gina Larson

"The problem with most English classes is that they can't catch the interest of the students. They get bored and drop their classes. Giving them an engaging read is a great way of keeping them hooked and motivating them. Word English Books understood that and knew what to do about it."